Ryan Halasz is an actor that can preform stunts. He is a true martial artist that started is career in the ring then to the screen. His passion aims towards fight choreography on screen and acting. Martial arts was always the foundation for him but that led to various roles is dramas and music videos. I am proud to have chosen this path however I feel it has chosen me. Behind or in front of camera filmmaking will always be part of my life.

Behind the camera he has been in various roles including directing, cinematography and producing. It has given him a wide range of filmmaking skills. He has built a professional team, one of the most passionate in the industry, and has previous experiences working in production companies with teams that specialize in delivering high profile content. Ryan will provide all the professional creative assets that are needed to achieve the highest broadcast and award winning quality. It is important to note that he has all the necessary resources to make your project come to life.

Working with short deadlines under pressure, he will aim to execute a marketable and quality product, which is his number one priority. In addition to that, Ryan is very knowledgeable about different kinds of work flows, cameras, lighting equipment and the creative documents that are important to help support your project.

If you have any question please feel free to email or call. Hope you will enjoy my site.